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New Members - please post your introductions here

This is a sticky topic.
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    Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

    Hi guys, just decided to join your lovely forums. I found this place when I was searching for capacitors for replacing the bad GSCs that are on a board that a buddy from work gave me.

    Hope to have some fun here as well as learn more about computer electronics and sharpen my electronics skills.


      Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

      welcome feel free to ask any question or just have fun...
      capacitor lab yachtmati techmati


        Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

        Names Matthew David
        30 - Birthday 10 January 1976.
        Married, we have 2 children - not kids, kids are baby goats, I have children.

        I am a firmware/software engineering technician, I test embedded firmware, it is somewhat similar to the bios you find on your motherboard. Also test software, both leaning towards hardware side.

        Firmware, software, hardware, cover all 3 pretty much... build test fixtures for Firmware engineers, compose and run functional tests.

        I graduated from college in Canada with a Diploma in Industrial Electronics and Process Control. In the USA it is the equivalent of an Associated Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. I'm no BEE or MEE but I get by with what I know, and someone liked what I knew enough to move me to the USA and sponsor me for a greencard... Not sure what 10 years of experience adds to my credentials, but thats how long I've been doing this.

        I hold Citizenships in Canada & UK, working on US too - collect them like Hockey cards!!
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        Ya'll think us folk from the country's real funny-like, dontcha?

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          Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

          Welcome oreynid. we like to have fun here.

          we also manage to answer questions too.
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            Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

            Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad 464, Commodore 64, Amiga 500, Atari STFM,
            Amiga 600, Amiga 1200 (probably the best affordable all round home
            computer imo)

            Well that was my childhood. Needless to say school teachers hadn't a clue
            what I was writing about when they asked for essays on home life.

            With money I was able to afford my first PC computer. I briefly had
            an 8086 which helped in learning DOS but it was mis-sold to us as a much
            higher rated PC. Not making the same mistake twice we bought a brand
            new system from a premium retailer for £1500 ($2859.45). It was a brand
            new on the market Pentium 75Mhz, a whopping 8Mb RAM, with 16bit sound
            and a top end Diamond Stealth 2Mb PCI graphics card.

            Hooked on the need for high performance to do more things quicker, after
            winning a few thousand on the lottery. I self built myself a brand new on
            the market Pentium Pro system ($1500 just for the CPU itself). Back then
            nearly everyone I spoke to thought I had just a 200Mhz Pentium and hadn't
            heard about Pentium Pro in their local stores, it was frustrating explaining
            how it was hugely more powerful than their 'home user' systems. People
            wouldn't sell me games and software cos they'd say my system wasn't as
            powerful as a 233Mhz MMX - minimum spec to run etc grrr.

            After that I kind of incrementally upgraded, mainly been with AMD and learnt
            the benefit of large heavy copper blocks and giant noisy fans. But more
            recently I've been investing in quiet PC components, such as thermally speed
            controlled fans and most importantly a quiet hard drive and quiet enclosure,
            anyone looking to reduce PC noise I strongly suggest enclosing your drives
            in Silentmaxx enclosures, they have mixed reviews, but I find with a modern
            low noise drive placed inside they virtually eliminate all HD noise completely.

            I'm currently running an Athlon 1800 with a Radeon 9800XT for games, last
            few years it was a 3200XP with a GF6800 but it blew itself apart just like
            most high end equipment seems to. My home business system is a Dual Core
            X2 3800+. My next purchase will most likely be a Quad Core Processor, AMD
            or Intel depending on reviews and if the old A1800 survives that long.

            My portable system is a WiFi Sempron 2800+ (latest 2006 revision) with ATI
            graphics and is kind of the benchmark of quiteness that I hope my desktop
            systems will eventually aspire to.

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              Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

              Bruce Gavin

              I'm in Orangevale CA, at the east end of Sacramento county.

              I own Compudox Computer Services since 1993, after a long hardware engineering career at IBM. I do local and remote IT support for Windows and networks. I carry a Novell Master CNE and numerous other certs, and am fluent in five programming languages.

              On the music side, I am classically trained in piano from age 6, and currently play electric bass, Hammond keys/synths, and 5-string banjo. Years ago, I used to play lead guitar, but lost interest. I am the authorized franchisee in Sacramento for Bill Fitzmaurice bass horns, and also design and build my own horns and boutique bass cabinets.

              I've done industrial and wedding photography since 1968. Up until very recently, I shot client film entirely on Mamiya medium format gear. I like film quality better, but everybody wants digital, and it is less expensive to shoot. I use a Nikon D200 for digital stuff.

              I found BadCaps while doing internet research on the capacitor issue. When I get proficient at recapping, I will offer my clients modded PSUs and boards for their business critical needs.


                Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

                Hmmmm... I've been here a while, but perhaps it's long overdue for me to introduce myself

                Obviously tazwegion is a pseudonym, one of many actually (though that's not important), I'm old, really old... like mid 30's and have been around computers and dabbling in programming since the hey days of the VIC-20, completing an Advanced Certificate in Info Tech' during the late 80's.

                I've really become a jack-of-all-trades and can understand where bushytails is coming from, I lean primarily towards hardware enthusiasm but I'm not much more than a noob with experience, same with my electronics background, a hobbyist with a basic highschool electronics grounding (excuse the pun)

                I was referred to this site during a bad experience with a late MSI s370 platform and have lurked on & off for a while, eventually signing up when this aspect of my hobby came to the fore, primarily I recap for the challange but as I simply can't abide frivolous wastage (hence I recycle what I can), I repair PC's for family & friends alike, well that's my excuse for hording anyway!

                I've found this site an excellent source of relevant research & practical material and thank all those responsible, I can only hope that in the future my meagre success can be of help to someone else
                Viva LA Retro!


                  Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

                  OK I'll post in here too since I'm new. I got my username as nickname from when I first started playing with electricity and caused a few spark showers The nickname has stuck. I love electricity and electronics, and am currently in college for electronic engineering technology.

                  I've already successfully recapped some mobos, but I certainly don't know everything, and my only supply of caps are from blown boards. Typically I replace bad caps with more of the same bad brand but hey at least it makes the boards work! Having no other supply that is just what I've been stuck doing. Also I didn't know much about ESR so one board I recapped were with some random caps from ebay with the right voltage and capacitance rating but they cause the system to boot really slow, I'm guessing they aren't low ESR caps.

                  I came here because my Antec PSU died (stupid fuhjyyu craps) and was seeking some advice as to what you guys thought I should do with it (recap, RMA, or both, then sell). Hopefully I'll learn more about all this stuff and maybe at some point I'll be able to give back some knowledge


                    Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

                    De Vry?
                    PeteS in CA

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                      Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

                      Originally posted by PeteS in CA
                      De Vry?
                      No, University of Akron


                        Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

                        Welcome aboard.... My parents could always count on me to take something of their apart as a child.... Several times in school, we knocked the power out in the entire building..... Ohh the memories!
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                          Re: New Members - please post your introductions here


                          Galvanized sent me. (Ducks in case that is not good)

                          Lot's of actual useful info around here, nice job!
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                            Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

                            well if galvanized sent you then welcome indeed
                            capacitor lab yachtmati techmati


                              Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

                              Hi. I am AKBessy from Alaska - born here and lived here all of my life. I am on the older side and have been married longer than some of the young kids have been alive. I don't know a whole lot about anything but do dabble a lot in everything. I have an AAS in Refrigeration and Heating Technology - that's where I got my introduction to electrical troubleshooting, which I am still not worth a shit at ;-). I was introduced to computers in 1998 when I purchased a Gateway 450 (don't remember the specs -top of the line back in the day) and have a blast with them. I am amazed at everything about them! I like to take on the challenge of trying to fix things myself from hardware- to software-related issues. I do have to ask hubby for help with the electrical troubleshooting - he's tone-deaf, but has a better understanding of the numbers he is looking at. My interests include computers, history, science, nature, camping, hunting, snowmachining and atving, traveling and HAWAII. Quit drinking back at the beginning of 2005 and quit smoking back in the middle of Aug. 2006; my remaining bad habits include drinking coffee in the morning, sleeping more than I should, spending more time than I should on forums and photo-editing.


                                Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

                                Well, I've been here for a very very long time now. So I guess that I am overdue in posting an introduction....

                                To start off with my real name is Stephen and I live in Sydney, Australia.
                                I am currently 15 and turning 16 years old in October 2007 and in grade 10 at the moment.
                                My username "stevo1210" comes from my nickname "Stevo" and my birthday "12 October [1210]" put together.

                                I started off with fiddling PCs when I was in primary school (in grade 5 I guess?). My first box was a 486DX/66MHz with 16MB of RAM and a 2GB Hard drive.... it costed my parents about $700AUD second hand in mid 1998.
                                I landed here at badcaps when my IBM Netvista had bad GSC caps.... only problem back then was that I couldn't find any replacement caps, so I ended up scrapping that box and building a new PC. Now, that I have my trusty solder iron and badcaps. I now recap motherboards for myself and my friends. I am also a fan of buying cheap motherboards with bad caps.... the fun part is when recapping them....

                                As my passion for the electronics side.... I was inspired by my father who was an electrician. Because I am the only one in the house that has knowledge of low power electronics and computers I am responsible for taking my parents electronic equipment apart and fixing them or if it's a computert type of thing (which it usually is).... I also have to be there to fix the problem.

                                I started fiddling with electronics when I was 9 years old. I started off with a "Fun with electronics kit" (which I still have). Now I am exploring electronics in higher end components, especially mobile phones and computer motherboards.

                                As for my education, I have no certificates for now as I haven't graduated yet. But I favour my subjects of Physics/Maths/Modern History and Information Software Technology.

                                I am hoping to be a computer or electronics engineer in the future times so I am usually studying now.... the only time I have for computers and electronics is the weekend or in the holidays.

                                Anyway, I hope that gives everyone an idea of who I am.
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