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Compatibility of main boards between different variations of samsung MU6100

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    Compatibility of main boards between different variations of samsung MU6100

    Hoping someone here could possibly help. I have a few questions in regards to compatibility with main boards. But I'll give a quick short run down on what's going on first;

    I have Samsung Smart TV UA65MU6100WXXY version DA01

    Now years ago it started intermittently playing up after a lighting strike. Lighting hit the block of units i was living in at the time. Ever since that night the TV started having a mind of its own, It would randomly turn itself off or on, and all inputs stopped responding like HDMI, aerial, but USB still worked. Anyway, over the next few months it started to struggle turning on at all and it eventually got to a point it blue screened a few times and now doesn't turn on at all. The red light is on, it responds to the remote being pushed, etc, but nothing turns on anymore. The TV has been in storage for probably about 3 years and I've finally pulled it out to see what i can do with it.

    Now, I'm far from an expert, but I'm pretty switched on and cluey with handy things.

    I am 90% sure the issue is with the main board. When the main board is disconnected from the power supply the back light turns on etc. Also given how it all started with things like certain inputs no longer responding etc

    Okay, so, my questions are in regards to compatibility of particular main board part numbers.

    The main board in my TV has the following printed directly on the board itself
    CODE; BN41-02568A
    MODEL; BN41-02568
    DATE; 2016 . 12 . 22

    But there is a barcode type sticker with the following printed on it
    VN 10 BN94 12039E

    Now i have found the part in only one place online with all the numbers matching up, but it's damn near 400 bucks. But I've found ones very similar for much cheaper that have the same numbers or very close to printed on the board or almost identical other than it being from a smaller version of the same model.

    Example, this one here;
    UA55MU6100WXXY(Version BA01)
    Version Number: BA01
    Type: MAIN BOARD
    Part Number: BN94-12037E
    PCB Number: BN41-02568A

    I'm not quite sure if what's printed on the sticker matters all that much or just go by the model number and code printed directly on the mother board.

    Any help or guidance would be very greatly appreciated

    I have also attached a few photos of the parts numbers from my TV and parts etc

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    look for board with compatible screen number


      Just for reference, i have successfully fixed TV with help from the ebay store; stvparts
      I was advised that the board i needed was discontinued, but there was a alternative replacement part which was the following;
      BN41-02568B (on board)
      BN94-12434E (on sticker)

      All fixed.
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