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APC UPS units - troubleshooting

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    Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

    Originally posted by Per Hansson
    Wanna play the "drop a wrench" game in there?

    Things go boom
    I like it when it goes boom!


      Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

      anyone else notice the blatent ripoff on fujitsu?
      Originally posted by willawake

      another different china brand found in a brand new APC ups. the funny thing is they put all these APC stickers on the battery but it would probably cost nothing to get them APC branded at the factory....

      here is what they have in the shop today

      its a Fujitron FN-1272 12v 7.2Ah sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery
      the shopkeeper has put all his faith in Fujitron now........he says they are made in ass....anyway there is no reference in google for this model or company....except this post shortly......

      at the moment i am thinking the Back-ups RS are better at not overcharging the batteries than the smart-ups. i dont recall changing batteries in any RS yet and i have some over 3 years.


        Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

        hmm one of the rack apc make battery warning
        all batteries test 13.33v though

        fucking POS
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          Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

          I know that horrible baked battery smell.It's caustic yet suptle.
          All the APC's here have had sets of batteries,
          but it's cheap insurance for the protection value.


            Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

            Is there any case that a faulty/old battery can cause an "Internal Error" alarm (All indicators lit simultaneously) on an APC UPS?
            Has anyone experienced anything like that and maybe with a battery replacement things came back to normal?


              Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

              All the manuals are here, check in the troubleshooting of your unit.
              The big ones can report internal fuses and breakers out.
              Very likely that it is just bad bats though.


                Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

                Thank you for your reply, i have already looked in the hardcopy of the unit's manual...

                I contacted APC support and they answered that an "Internal Fault Error" is probably a board fault...I measured the battery voltage with my DMM and it is 13.6V, to exclude some battery originated trouble...

                After searching the inside of the ups unit for visible flaws, i discovered only this :

                Seems to me that 10Ω R150 resistor (left of the yellow cable) has a small crack in the middle, with a brownish colour...could be burnt ? I'm asking cause i haven't seen a burbt resistor, so i don't know how it would look like...

                In the meantime i'll try to borrow an almost out-of-the-box battery from a friend to exclude the battery fault...

                Thank you again


                  Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

                  This looks like it might be relevant to you: link


                    Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

                    If that resistor bothers you just measure it with a DMM if it's within 10% tolerance it's fine.

                    If it's shorted or open it will be a pretty obvious reading.

                    There always is the chance that it is in circuit with other components so it may not read exactly in the 10 ohms area.

                    I have seen metal oxide resistors (on the convergence amps) on RPTVs break like that. Just a fine crack down the body but they are through hole components.

                    I would say in an given enough current in an overcurrent condition those puppies would vaporize or at least char pretty good.
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                    Elements of the past and the future combining to make something not quite as good as either.


                      Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

                      just to recap, i had one rack APC Smart UPS make battery warning. the batteries measured 13.33v.

                      and to add

                      later i had a smart ups 1000 do the same shit. repeatedly.

                      both units were using powersonic batteries.

                      i made experiment with the 2x7ah of the 1000 ups. i put individually on a bright 12v bulb. one battery discharged in 1 hour ok. the other bulged after half an hour. these batteries are only 1 year old.

                      this leads me to believe the powersonic are not so good batteries.

                      on the other hand i recently replaced battery in an apc cs which i was pleased to see had done 4 years service. the battery was not bulged.

                      this is the same experience with my apc rs 1000 which i have at home. eventually i replaced the batteries at 3 years even though it was not necessary.

                      so in conclusion
                      i am not happy with powersonic presently
                      my experience over the years leads me to believe the smart ups units are not dealing with the batteries in a gentle manner whilst the other apc units are.

                      i would also like to add that ups backup in an office environment should be specified according to real requirements as batteries are expensive. ie two batteries is 2x the cost and maybe its not needed.

                      i have found another supplier which provides CSB batteries. there is not much choice here. i will go for those in order to continue the research.
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                        Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

                        Originally posted by willawake
                        now its getting interesting. who else has a smartups where the batteries failed this way.
                        I have a couple of SmartUPS where the batteries were bulging. I got them that way (they were freebies). At least I was able to get the batteries out without metal work.


                          Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

                          Originally posted by kc8adu
                          the constant voltage charger will happily dump current up to its preset limit into the batts even as cells short.
                          the remaining good cells hit thermal runaway and melt due to the overcharge.

                          Is this why the alternator on my old car died? I long suspected that the car battery with the shorted cell killed the alternator. The battery was replaced and the alternator died a couple of weeks later.


                            Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

                            that can happen.could have just been its time to go.


                              Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

                              we have already talked about using batteries with a larger capacity in ups units. but is it ok to use with a smaller capacity. say if the smart-ups is using 12ah. is it ok to use 7ah instead?
                              capacitor lab yachtmati techmati


                                Re: APC UPS units - troubleshooting

                                should be ok.
                                it'll just won't last long while being powered from them...

                                ups doesn't have brains to figure out what battery is in(unless you do a fully drain/recharge cycle and ups has cpu that monitors it..then it knows) the main problem with too big batteries is if charger is smart, and if circuit itself can take such big currents abuse...

                                both things are just fine if you have ups that was mentioned here(better(more expensive) models from apc etc.)

                                to that extent smaller battery will make the charging load smaller(if nothing else shorter charging=smaller load on components), so no worries there...