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MacBook Pro 13inch 2017mid (A1706 820-00923-A) - liquid damage - USBC and Display short circuit

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    MacBook Pro 13inch 2017mid (A1706 820-00923-A) - liquid damage - USBC and Display short circuit

    Hello everyone,
    I am new into this, sorry to post it here. I want to make this as a pet hobby project, as this mac is not urgent.

    I have (Macbook Pro 13inch 2017mid) A1706 820-00923-A

    My mac had liquid damage a long time ago, the connector from J8500 is damaged on pin 46 (PP5V_S0_ALSCAM_F), I guess the LCD/display panel is in short circuit, as I saw the connector from the LCD burned as well.

    And the resistor L4004 is literally burned.

    From what I see from the schematics, it does not affect any other rails, only the connection to the display port.

    (see attached photo L4004-J8500)
    (see attached photo L4004-120OHM)

    I have sent this mac to a service a long time ago, and they didn't helped me because they said it is way to expensive. I don't believe them.

    I have checked, they removed the USB-C port from the motherboard: JB500 ( left side of the board, but USB-C when mac is on the desk is on right side )

    (see attached photo JB500)

    I have checked the board there where and the connector were removed, and I saw a little bit of small burn/scratch on the 20V+ connectors:

    And also on the USBC connector from the mac case on the same pins.

    One note, I think they removed CB513 from the left side of the board near the USBC connector. ( as I see it missing, and on the right side, all 4 are there )

    (see attached photo CB513)

    Usually I charge my mac from the right side, so I think, after the liquid damage, the USBC right side got burned, and also on the LCD side on L4004

    Without connecting the LCD or L4004, can I start debugging the board from the USBC that is in place ( J3300 ) and connect it to the charger and start measuring stuff? ( without connecting anything, no keyboard, no battery, no LCD, no nothing, just the board )

    Or it will get burned the connector J3300 as well?

    (see attached photo J3300)

    What do you think?
    Thank you in advance!
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