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SMEG induction cooker error EA on both left hand side cooktops

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    SMEG induction cooker error EA on both left hand side cooktops

    Hi all,

    I have a SMEG cooktop with a EGO 72.08041.002 power board. The two left hand side cooktops started to slowly fail, sometimes stopping with an EA error (Power board failure according to the manual) after a couple minutes boiling some water and eventually they completely failed and now get an EA error on both of them at all times. Visual inspection of the board went over ok, I checked the IGBT's and rectifiers and they seem fine, what should I look at next as this is the first time I'm fixing an induction cooker, I'm suspecting capacitors in this case, Which ones should I look at? Is there any way I can check them in circuit?

    Thank you in advance,
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    A bit of an update:

    I forgot to mention that those 2 input fuses also measure ok, no indications of a short anywhere. I also desoldered and measured both of the large film caps next to the fuses and they measure good with a multimeter right around their rated 4.7uf.
    I also just noticed those 2 white relays which connect the respective live wires, could one of them for some reason not be triggering or maybe damaged? Would it damage the transistor that triggers them If it feed 12v into their coils to test them?
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