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warning!xcelite flush cutters!

This is a sticky topic.
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    warning!xcelite flush cutters!

    i have seen several failed recap jobs come in where customer said board posted before they tried to recap it.
    in all cases i found damaged traces near solder joints on replaced caps.
    asked what tools were used to cut and in all cases i investigated (8) the cutters were the common xcelite flush cutters.
    these have very sharp tips which will slice traces if they contact the board while cutting.
    so hold these level to the board to avoid this issue.

    Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

    Somewhere on this board I saw a recommendation for the correct cutters for recapping.

    Would you please add the recommendation to this thread?


      Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

      well i dont see this as a reason to not buy xcelite brand, just to pay attention while using them. give some people the finest tools and they will screw it up by not being careful.

      i use ProsKit which i have recommended before. but any small lead clippers would work.

      the most important thing is that the blades are angled like the last photo. so while you hold the handles at a comfortable angle, the blades are parallel with the board. and there is not need to cut everything very low, just equal to the existing leads sticking out of the board.
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        Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

        Well, i would say if those people would have been carfull in the way everyone should do their first recap, i am shure that nothing would have had happened.
        So i would say keep patint and calm and donĀ“t do it in a rush. And use your clear working brain.

        Any way good to pont it out for newbes to remind them at thos basic things.


          Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

          I just use common wire cutters. Is there any reason these fancy cutters are needed?


            Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

            i use several types of these cutters.
            including xcelite.
            they can cut flush with the board.
            nothing fancy or expensive.
            just warning of a problem i see.


              Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

              no they are not necessary but the difference is very nice.
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                Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

                Well this pair of side cutters does the job for me, not remotely as nice looking as those pro'sKIT pieces, but the cut is closer than whatever the mass soldering machines (or skilled monkey's) use

                I suppose they could use some new rubber grips or heatshrink though
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                  Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

                  I simply use a nail cutter it has been working great since i was in junior high school... It dont let the remaining lead to jump/escape to everywhere.. It keep my works clean.. I rarely need a plier/cutter to cut the leads.. (except for the transformer/coils).
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                    Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

                    I use a pair (well, actually only one) of end cutting wire cutters. Like these only smaller (and yellow).


                      Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

                      .....i'm just using a plain old fingernail fine, snips right where i want to....


                        Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

                        Preferably I use cutters like the ones will posted photos of
                        (the idea be more to cut the component leg not crush it off)

                        Nippy "type" cutters should result in minimal stress to the joint

                        Al thought those that you posted harvey look like a good one and
                        should avoid the problem (smaller as you say)
                        (like the nail cutters)

                        The only thing is (in my opinion) whatever you use should "cut" not "crush" the component leg off

                        I think KC8's Warning is well warranted
                        especially for first timers

                        As its, how you "USE" them that causes the damage
                        and the natural instinct is to cut at about 45 degrees

                        hold these level to the board to avoid this issue.
                        ( parallel to the pcb, or very close to)

                        Thats the top of the cutters, as will has pointed out there is an angle

                        I cut (as I understand is the correct method) at the point of where the component lead enters the top of the solder joint (top of the volcano)

                        I will also add,
                        Inspect your PCB and work BEFORE and AFTER each step of the recap process with a mag glass to ensure there is no damage etc.

                        This should be second nature to do thing with all work

                        Just my 2 cents worth

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                          Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

                          I use side cutters like the ones Taz pictured. I would never use something with sharp tips like that.

                          If I can't cut the leads while applying light pressure downward I bend the leads slightly upward then make the cut so I don't have to jab the cutters down into the board hard and tear traces up.
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                            Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

                            I would never use something with sharp tips like that.
                            They are fine if used correctly but true there is always a risk due to how they are constructed...I like what Harvey posted in a smaller version..that would remove the risk
                            (although you have to use them vertically I suppose).

                            I guess so long as it does the job correctly its really personal choice as to what you use.

                            You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you may be swept off to." Bilbo Baggins ...


                              Re: warning!xcelite flush cutters!

                              I use Lux-Tools wire cutters. No problems have been accoured.