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Default Mixed mode CDs on audio players

This is a mini-rant about how Mixed Mode CDs no longer play properly on modern audio equipment, due to the MP3-CD compatibility many of them have. I have many CDs that were made in mixed-mode format, mainly from video games in the 1990s and I used to like listening to the audio tracks on my CD player.

The problem is, when a modern CD player sees the data track, it assumes the disc is an MP3 CD and starts looking through to find MP3s to play. My main hi-fi is like this - searches the data track for a few seconds, and then stops dead with a 'no file' message. It completely ignores the Redbook audio tracks!

A Sony boombox has a slightly better way of handling it. It still takes about a minute to search through the data track for MP3s, but then gives up and plays the Redbook audio tracks.

What do you guys think of how modern CD players handle mixed-mode discs?
Incidentally, I have not seen a CD player since the early 1990s that does not either skip or at least mute the data track on a mixed-mode CD. Supposedly playing the data as audio can cause damage to your speakers or headphones!
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Default Re: Mixed mode CDs on audio players

Ive not used an optical disk in a good 5 years....
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Default Re: Mixed mode CDs on audio players

I have no problems of that sort yet. I use an old Musical Fidelity x-ray and it playes all my cd's. I do have mixed cd's with nonsence on them, but no problems.
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Default Re: Mixed mode CDs on audio players

Originally Posted by Koprol View Post
I have no problems of that sort yet. I use an old Musical Fidelity x-ray and it playes all my cd's.
Yes, this. That's why you should use old but reliable transport with a modern DAC of your choice.

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