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Question APC Smart-UPS 1000- Should I install active cooling?

Hey all. Just ran a manual on battery test just to see how well it'll hold the load.

It held the load fine (4 computers, a monitor, a D-Link switch, 2 routers, a clock, 3 incandescents, and a CFL), and it was around 76% load. I happened to take a look around the UPS because why not, and I noticed kind of a burning smell being emitted from the unit. No smoke or anything like that, just something getting hot.

Should I install a fan (or 2) in this unit? A few months ago, I did an automatic battery runtime calibration at FULL LOAD, and it passed that test fine, and it took around 20 minutes to wear the battery down to the point where the UPS stopped the calibration.

Anyone? Anything?
Just a question.
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Default Re: APC Smart-UPS 1000- Should I install active cooling?

About a month ago I just took my smt-2200 totally apart after 3 years to blow all the dust out. Maybe dirt collected a bit inside...
My smt-750 has no fan installed and it doesn’t smell either.

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Default Re: APC Smart-UPS 1000- Should I install active cooling?

If you are able to fit a fan or two in then I would recommend this, when I get these in for servicing I usually fit fans if they are not installed to help with cooling as at loading there is a significant current draw on the low voltage side. If my math is correct to achieve 240 watts at 240 volts assuming a 100% efficiency is going to pull 20 amps on the 12 volt side or 10 amps if 24 volt.

Also inspect the PCB for heat stress and bad poor solder joints.

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Default Re: APC Smart-UPS 1000- Should I install active cooling?

The APC Smart-UPS 1500 has a fan.
It might be possible to fit the same one, as they share the same case...
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