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Default Re: Ratdude's Main Rig V6

Originally Posted by ratdude747 View Post
I did read of people BIOS modding the liscenses in... but that screams trouble. I've already fought the BIOS gods and lost on this board, and I don't quite have the cojones to go there, especially since it's not a well documented mod and I'm not an x86 assembly expert.
If it ain't fucked, don't fix it and post #15 suggests ; the unlucky fairies come to play quite often/the devil makes work for idle hands.

I've only known one person with an SLI installation. I don't remember the cards but there was lots of faff getting it set right and the gains weren't great.
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Default Re: Ratdude's Main Rig V6

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
I wouldn't say that....more along the lines of what diif said... They aren't targeting the gamer crowd, and hence, not a lot of demand for SLI support amongst their target audience. I was only doing it to tinker around....I had no intention of actually using that system for anything gaming and/or productive.
It was the directory the X58 drivers are in on their web site, LOL
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