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Default Wurth capacitors

I noticed that these have become available pretty much from everywhere.
Anyone here bought some? Any experiences? I wonder if they are rebadged?
They seem a little cheaper than Japanese caps. They have some Low ESR series as well as polymers too.

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Default Re: Wurth capacitors

Yes, I came across them on Farnell, while trying to find something in stock for a British forum member:

Definitely re-branded. Probably a Taiwanese or Chinese brand. Wouldn't use their electrolytics.
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Default Re: Wurth capacitors

Their specifications look pretty good. I have used a few on some vintage amplifiers, and they seem to sound pretty good. No failures so far.
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Default Re: Wurth capacitors

i used them in an old amp and are fine
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Stefan Payne
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Default Re: Wurth capacitors

hm, maybe you can get those things from your local metal worker or so...
Maybe I go to one and ask if they can get me a couple Wet Lytics...
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Default Re: Wurth capacitors

Wurth trying to bust into the capacitor business, they have great pricing and the film caps are good.
Wurth electrolytics are made in china and seem like a cheap build (low hrs lifetime) despite the cute red packaging. I don't bother using them.
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