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Default Re: Dell 2407WFPb Monitor - Bad Cap

I got the exact same problem with various defective components on the board and want to try the external powering hsck by adrianm.
I read that instead of the supposed 19volt also somebady got it to work with a 24v power supply, which is 5v off.
So i'm hoping, that my 16v power supply with 5amps could also work, because it would only be off by 3volts.

I dont have the option off buying a 19v power supply online or in my surrounding area, so i either have to use the 16v power supply or dump the monitor into trash.

Sorry for not being able to do it the easy way, but any kind of response would be nice :-)
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Default Re: Dell 2407WFPb Monitor - Bad Cap

Edit: nevermind... The guy using 24V was me and all my measurements were with my then faulty powersupply (since replaced the capacitor and it is fine again), so any measurement I did back then is untrustworthy. So I cannot answer your question.

Original answer before the edit:
I'll try to find my post, but I remember having tried several voltages (adjustable powersupply) after the hack. I cannot recall if I went as low as 16V.

It worked fine for years, but then someone posted a link to dirtcheap replacement powersupplies, I ordered one and it runs absolutely perfect on the new PSU. Do note it is only used occasionally at the moment, so I cannot vouch for it also working when used 24/7.

Since you have nothing to loose (apart from the probably quite well protected 16V supply), why not simply try it?

Not related, but just an example: I hacked a Dell external DVD drive caddy which should get 20V from the laptop. It came with a USB-plug with a different plug integrated into it, I chopped it off and replaced it with a normal USB cable and put 12V on the PCB where the 20V should go. It works perfectly. But that supply only steps down the 20V (and now the 12V) to 5V so that was quite easy and failsafe.

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