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Default Re: ENVISION EN9410e 19" Monitor

Originally Posted by Elronn View Post
This worked great. However, now that I have replaced the capacitors the display lights up for a second then shuts off. The power light stays on and green through. Any ideas on what is wrong now?
Obviously, it did not work great !!
Hard to say what is wrong without having your history on the monitor
is it an fsp043 ?
What was it doing before you changed the caps ?
If the monitor use to work, what did you notice it doing wrong before it failed ?
are you sure you installed the caps right ??
Pictures ?
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Default Re: ENVISION EN9410e 19" Monitor

Mine was exactly like MG12345's in post 29 & 30. it had two 1000uF 10v, three 470uF 25v and one 470uF 10v. Like him, I couldn't see the value on the small one next to the transformer and did not replace it. Also, like him, I replaced the 470uF 10v with 470uF 25v.

I got the caps from a local mom & pop electroncs supply store for 49 cents each. I already had the tools. So total cost was just over $3.

Took about 3 hours total from teardown to repair to re-assembly. Replacing the caps was tedious.. my eyes are not what they used to be. Plus a little out of practice with the soldering iron. but......

IT WORKED!!!!! Thank you!!!

Of course, now I can't justify to my wife that new 24" 1080p monitor i've been looking at. I have a feeling this one might die again when I'm ready for it to...
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Default Re: ENVISION EN9410e 19" Monitor

Just replaced two 1000 and several 470 caps and monitor works great. Replaced the 470's with 35v cause that's all I could get. I am very happy. $9 is a pretty cheap deal for a new monitor.

Pictures and thread were most helpful. Had no idea that bad caps could do this.!!!

Will now look at my misbehaving Sonny Boy solar panel inverter and see if that may be the problem with it.

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