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Default Re: Cheap Source for Racks?

Originally Posted by ratdude747 View Post
Finally found a deal on Cat5e:

$51 shipped for 1000' isn't too bad, right? Beats the $60-$80 I was seeing (for solid copper, not CCA wannabe shit). UTP isn't shielded (despite the claim of the seller), but it is solid copper, so still a deal.
Ohhhh, I overlooked this one. Anyway, grats on the deal, you seem to be happy with what you got!
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Default Re: Cheap Source for Racks?

New sub-project:

(No, haven't gotten the house yet. Still in Gov't Paperwork Limbo )

So one issue I've forseen is integrating my Magic Jack into the house's phone system; there is one old old touch-tone phone wall mounted that I'll want to reuse, and I am doubtful that my Magic Jack Go has the power to run a full phone system (with phones powered off the 48V phone line power).

To fix that, I bought one of these:

(note- I best offered it down well under $100 even though ebay isn't showing that... )
Now, here's the question: I want to make a board or panel to put on the rack that will have this, the Magic Jack Go, and possibly/probably one of my two AP/switch units (a Linkysys ea3500 and ea4500, openWRT'd). The AP is to give stronger wireless signal to things in/near the garage (such as my Android head unit in my truck) if the final router location isn't good for garage/driveway access (and also the switch can be used to give a few extra gigabit ports in the garage if the rest of the house and server eats up the 24 port switch). The magic Jack would get it's LAN and power from the AP (since the AP has a USB port on it).

Would a long tray be good for this? Or perhaps a wood/plastic/metal vertical panel on the front of the rack? Probably doesn't matter, but I'd prefer to design twice and cut once on this.

Right now the magic Jack is mounted in my workstation cart, which is great for running to the AIO Laser Fax wonder on top of it, but no good for running to a line booster which I'll want to hard wire (through the patch panel) to the house's phone wiring (IIRC there's an exposed splice near where I'm thinking of putting the cabinet).

(Insert witty quote here)

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