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Default EVGA Titan X Maxwell suspected bad caps

Hello guys!

I have an EVGA Geforce Titan X (Maxwell) with suspected bad caps. The card boots fine into BIOS and Safe Mode, as well as regular Windows without drivers (VGA mode). As soon as the drivers kick in the PC blue screens (actually black screen, but no display output during the blue screen). Also, I get a small number of artifacts in VGA mode in any resolution higher than 640x480 but none at that resolution.
I've attempted to downclock the card by doing a card bios flash through nvflash as well as trying a stock bios flash, no results. Thermal paste and pads are in order, other than that no hardware fixes have been attempted. Card is not shorting to backplate either, tested without backplate with same results.

The caps pictured are very suspect and seem to have bulged, assuming caps on the board are Lelon. From a different thread I surmise that the caps might be bad and should be replaced, and they did not speak too fondly about Lelon caps in this thread. ( ).

Caps read: F5 OCRZ 270 16v

Thinking of ordering these to replace them, as they were suggested as a replacement in the thread I linked before.

Can anyone think of anything else to look out for before I replace the caps? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
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Default Re: EVGA Titan X Maxwell suspected bad caps

Stupid question: Card is out of warranty, like my ol' EVGA GTX 970 SC ACX2.0, I assume?

Bad caps are of course possible, but from my experience, problems with GPUs, especially when they artifact are more often with weak soldering spots on the BGA, means it would require a reball/reflow.

There are, in theory, ways to semi "reflow" a GPU with a heat-gun or even reflowing in an oven. I am looking into this myself, I just want to read up more on "reflowing" with a heat gun..which is a little risky when you can't measure temperatures. On the other hand, if the card is already defective and it is OOW, you don't really have anything to lose?
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Default Re: EVGA Titan X Maxwell suspected bad caps

I'm worried it might be a GPU solder issue or a bad memory module. However since they appear to be working in VGA mode I figured there's not much to lose by testing all the mosfets and caps. One thing I've noticed is a 2.5ohm short to ground on all the solid caps behind the chokes, but since the mosfets appear to be OK and I have no schematics available, I can't begin to figure out where the apparent short is coming from, and the card boots so I'm not sure what to make of it.

The card is out of warranty and I bought it as faulty on ebay to repair, partly for fun and if it works I'll slot it in my pc for a while.

Artifacts are very few and do not appear in low resolutions, but on higher resolutions they become more visible. This makes me think it might be a memory issue. But a memory issue could also be a power delivery issue I'm guessing, so it makes sense to replace these swollen caps.
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Default Re: EVGA Titan X Maxwell suspected bad caps

You don't reflow a GPU. A GPU with artifacts or crashing with drivers is a dead GPU. Except when you have power supply or VRAM issue but that's very rare compared to the amount of dead GPUs.
Only a few select boards were having soldering issue, which makes up for not even 0.01% of total GPU failure I guess.
In almost every case the chip itself is defective, you may want to read on NVidia bumpgate which was affecting 2006-2008 GPUs, but later ones fail as well, especially AMD (it's probably a different issue than what NVidia had though, but it's still the chip itself).

You can try replacing the caps but I wouldn't bet much on it.
2.5ohms is not a short, since it's GPU VCore this low resistance is perfectly normal.
If you really had a short the card wouldn't work at all and most likely the PSU would shut down.

Also never buy a dead graphics card or a used high-end one on eBay (as well as any laptop/computer that can have a failed GPU such as anything with 2006-2008 NVidia, 5000-6000 series AMD and the like) . They (almost) all have dead GPU. Sellers even bake them to make them work for a week or two.
Yes baking them will often resurrect them for a short time. That's not a fix and it will often fail again in a couple of weeks. This is not a reflow, when baking the board inside an oven you set the oven temperature to 200C which is not enough to reflow lead-free solder.
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Default Re: EVGA Titan X Maxwell suspected bad caps

I have tried to reball a Titan Black once, it didn't do anything different after reballing, it would still crash when drivers were installed. The GPU chip is dead, sorry.
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Default Re: EVGA Titan X Maxwell suspected bad caps

If the card was baked at some point it would explain why the caps and plastic connectors look like they've been subjected to such high heat. Thanks a lot for your comments, I'm not bothered about losing my initial investment but I'll chuck it back on eBay and see if I can recoup some of it and mark the card as for-spares.
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