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Lightbulb Use of monospaced font recommended for passphrases

Some time ago, my younger sister had a problem connecting to her wireless network, which turned out to be interpreting a lower case L as an upper case I (or vice versa) because the font used for wireless network information was not monospaced.
Technicolor uses a monospaced font (such as Courier or Consolas) for wireless network information and therefore other manufacturers should do the same including in the configruation menus.

In wireless network configuration sheets I supply to my clients, I now use a monospaced font in certain fields.
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Default Re: Use of monospaced font recommended for passphrases

If you ask me monospace font should be standard for any kind of important text....
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Default Re: Use of monospaced font recommended for passphrases

I caught a scammer using "I" for letter L in a fake PayPal E-mail message!

It was a phishing E-mail and I wouldn't fall for that!
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