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Default The Great Capacitor Showdown - Rubycon vs Panasonic vs Samxon

The much awaited showdown is being prepared. At long last, we will see how Rubycon, Samxon, and panasonic will fare against eachother in a head to head comparison over an extended period of time.

The scenario:

3 identical systems (Abit KT7-RAID motherboards, all running the A9 BIOS), one running Rubycon MBZ series caps, one running Samxon GC and GD series caps, and the third running Panasonic FC series caps. All three system will have the same CPU's, amount and brand of RAM, PSU's, Operating Systems (WinXP Pro) and cases. When the test is underway, these systems will be exposed to inadequite cooling (not enough to cause overheating, but enough to stress things a bit). They will be running [email protected] applications for the Folding Team, with the app set at the highest priority to keep them busy and working hard. Periodically, I will shut them down and take ESR readings from all caps on each board, as well as monitoring temps and stability. The first one to drop out of ESR specs, or fail completely will be eliminated, and the brand scourned and laughed at here.... I plan to run this test for atleast a year, reporting on it every couple weeks to record deterioration and changes. Honestly, this should be a good comparison, and I really don't forsee any of the brands swelling or venting their innards. This will be the 'test of time' comparison, and may the best brand win. All the brands will deteriorate a little over the course of this, the one that does it the least will immerge as the winner!

I purchased the Rubies directly from Rubycon. The Pannies will be coming from Digikey (I still have to order the right values for the KT7). The Samxon caps were donated by Joe (Big Pope). I would like to thank Joe for this contribution!

Here's some pics of the KT7 recapped in Samxon caps as it s recapping was completed, and I did the initial testing with it. The board passed initial testing with flying colors.

I will get some pics of the board capped in Rubycon MBZ's tomorrow. I'll also locate and order the Panasonic FC's as well.

More updates soon........
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