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Default Dell Optiplex GX-520 - Repaired

Had 2 dell optiplex computers that were not running as they should. Slow, freezing, and casing all kinds of trouble. Opened them up for the customer and noticed right away several caps blown in them. In one of the machines 3 were blown in the other (identical machine) 4 were blown. The 6.3v/2200uf (2) and 6.3v/1800uf were blown in the machines so I went ahead and replaced them. The 1800uf one I could not find at store so I just put a 2200uf cap instead because it was not for timing, just a filter cap so it worked out fine. One thing you have to pay attention to with these dells that I almost missed is the motherboards have markings that look similar to other boards in regard to the Cathode side of the cap lead but indeed it is opposite and is actually the positive side. You will see the little plus next to what seems to be the cathode side.
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Default Re: Dell Optiplex GX-520 - Repaired

I've noticed that it pays to watch the polarity as you remove the caps on Dells.

One other thing I've seen on the SFF Optiplex's is the front USB ports get damaged. the user tries to use them anyway and mashes the 4 pins in there against the metal of the housing and keeps the computer from working. One it even ate the motherboard. The other one I was able to pull the pins and verify no damage to the other hardware. That one I pulled the USB port off of a salvaged front part of a E5200 that was toast and replaced the bad Optiplex USB port and it worked.
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Default Re: Dell Optiplex GX-520 - Repaired

Hi Guys,
i am having issues with a dell optiplex 745 SFF mobo also , one very close
to the board in the pics, it has green led on and beeps slower and slower like it dying and doesn't start or boot. it has 6
of the shiny caps near the processor corruded but not busted or bulging. any ideas on where to start diagnosing her issues. please advise
appreciate your help.

thanks in advance

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