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Default Compaq Presario 4409CL

Inherited a Compaq Presario 4409CL that does not work.

Checked the Power Supply and was OK

Some liquid on top of mobo caps so am guessing it is a "bad cap" problem.

Mobo info was able to find on it TR100 on component side

spares #278636-00Z

From checking the forum found mention that HP has multiple mobo vendors for same model.

Have done some searches but nothing so far.

Appreciate and suggestions ...


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Default Re: Compaq Presario 4409CL

i am guessing we are talking about a tower case with perhaps desktop conversion but basically a compliant atx case? then if you want to purchase a new board then basically any atx or if the case is small then mini-atx board from ebay is gonna fit. no need to be purchasing an expensive replacement board from HP.

i did a google and came up with something about a psu for that model which does not have #18 white wire. (anybody know whats up with that and if it works in normal ATX mobo. i guess it does)

otherwise if you intend to recap the board, it would be good to know of your experience in recapping to advise further.

it is nice to have a board which has bad looking caps but still posts. then you can recap the board and it will most probably work unless you screwed up the recapping. Unfortunately you have a board which has badcaps and does not post. this can either be solved with recapping or in the worst case it may have sustained damage to the mosfets and/or vrm which means more troubleshooting and perhaps more advanced work on the board.

where are you from?

can we see some pics of the board?
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Old 10-21-2005, 03:41 PM   #3
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Default Update: Compaq Presario 4409CL

Called Compaq and found out that this mobo is Loretto which is the OEM ver of the Lite-On TR100

The HP site has a small picture

Hopefully this is better

Have also been searching about bad caps for this mobo but nothing so far.

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Default Correct: Compaq Presario 4409CL


You are correct on all counts! The Lite-on loretto and TR100 are microATX boards. They are std ATX boards and the missing #18 white -5V wire does not make any difference.

Have been searching for a manual but so far the mobo data bases give nothing

Appreciate any suggestions or links if there are better databases.

I am located in the USA but noticed that this liteon mobo was sold in Europe.

Am also wondering about recommendations if the board needs to be replaced. That is assuming that the Intel Celeron CPU is Good! Have not tested it yet but have tested the memory and it is OK. Also did some checking about microATX boards but am very undecided as to which is the Best one.


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