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Default Re: Post your system.......

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
On that front, even the E2160 is struggling with some pages quite a bit (e.g. Outlook email takes 10 seconds to load vs. nearly instantly with any C2Q or more modern dual core.) .
If the motherboard supports E8600, you can probably get the CPU for $5 USD. Add ublock origin to browser and see if it helps with speedup?
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Default Re: Post your system.......

Originally Posted by retiredcaps View Post
If the motherboard supports E8600, you can probably get the CPU for $5 USD. Add ublock origin to browser and see if it helps with speedup?
Unfortunately, not that motherboard - an ASUS P5GC-MX (i945 chipset). It can only do 800 MHz FSB. That's not an issue, though, as I do have several other Dell boxes with 800 MHz FSB C2D CPUs that are in the 2.5-2.66 GHz range. And I also have about... oh 45x or so E8400 CPUs that I got for dirt cheap on eBay about a year ago (under $10 shipped! ). So what I'm actually planning on doing is putting the E8400 CPUs in the Dell PCs that support them and moving their old E4x00 CPUs onto machines that only support 800/1066 MHz FSB.

As for uBlock Origin... never tried it, but I run ABP and a custom HOSTS file. That combo has been working fine for me so far.

The problem with modern online stuff is that it uses too many scripts, and that's what does all the CPU hogging. Before anyone suggests NoScript... yes, I've tried it, and I've always been disappointed by it so far. If you disable scripts on a page, the page either doesn't display properly or at all. And if you enable most scripts to make the page work... well, you're back to square one with the same scripts that were CPU hogs anyways. Mostly has to do with those infinite scrollbars (thanks phone users! ... or rather thanks lazy bum webpage designers who do "one-size-fits-all" design for both phone and PCs users, with most features streamed towards phone users.) Outlook Webmail is notoriously bad for this, for example. It takes about a minute to "crunch through" the infinite scrollbar scripts on a "high-end" Pentium 4, about 10-15 seconds on the abovementioned E2180 PDC CPU, and 2-5 seconds or less on a higher end Core 2 Duo or Athlon /II X2 CPU. Meanwhile, Google and Yahoo webmail still offer HTML-only style, which will run on just about anything, just like
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Default Re: HP Pavilion p7-1534... a.k.a. the APU "experiment": performance

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
But I guess what I find disappointing with these APUs is that they have a high frequency and modern instruction set, making one think they perform much better than any old generation chip. Yet, they don't. The fact that a C2D that is 5 years older than this APU and still beats it is the disappointing part.
I think it's because they're based on the Bulldozer arch.
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