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Default HP Pavilion 500

Hello new friends,

I acquired a HP Pavilion 500 from a coworker. He thinks that the GPU is bad, but it could also be a different part of the motherboard or the PSU, you can help me decide!

The ram and HDD were removed before I got to it, if I can fix this issue easily I will be purchasing new ram for it and a HDD if I come across a cheap one.

Pressing the power button has no result. When plugged in the PSU light on the back turns green.

Checking the PSU using the jumper method in turns on the fans so I am going to assume that the PSU is good?

Going to the HP webiste for my computer, I find that this one has a joshua motherboad.

Im looking for help on where to start testing the whole system.
It would be great to get this running, as this is multiple years newer than any hardware i currently use.

Thanks everyone!

attached are pictures, they show up fine on my PC, dont know why they are sideways on here...
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Default Re: HP Pavilion 500

I don't see a heatsink on the chipset. Even if it came like that, I wouldn't be too surprised if that is why the system failed indeed. So in a sense, your friend is likely right - this is quite likely to be a GPU and/or chipset issue.

Either way, you can't really test anything without RAM. So you will need to get it. Perhaps look on eBay or elsewhere online for a used cheap stick of RAM so that you can keep the costs down.

Finally, the PSU: you need to open it and at least visually inspect the capacitors inside it. Just because it turns ON doesn't mean that it can't have bad caps inside and making the PC unstable. In fact, you might want to start with this - check the PSU first, then the rest of the PC.
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Old 04-18-2017, 04:02 PM   #3
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Default Re: HP Pavilion 500

Would agree with momaka re the power supply ZackN, always a good place to start, do you have access to a swap out PSU temporarily to eliminate the current one ? The fact the PSU turns on when jumpered is no guarantee that its outputs are stable or rated as should be, I've had PSU's that tested fine out of system but when connected and a load applied have failed, as momaka says you're going to need ram anyway so maybe just buy a single 1gb. or 2gb. Module and you can easily upgrade if all works out, any of the Pavilion 500 series PC's i've worked on support 8gb. of DDR3 Ram so could be a pretty decent PC if you can get it up and running.
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Old 05-03-2017, 03:54 PM   #4
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Default Re: HP Pavilion 500

Hello again, its been a while.

I have checked the PSU and all the components pass a visual inspection.

Since posting I have picked up another HP pavilion that functions but is older.
Ill have to check out the CPU socket and make sure they are the same, if so Ill test by swapping the CPU in to the working motherboard.

When they were both over here in the same lab I did switch out many components to see if I could get it working (motherboard, PSU, RAM, Video card), I didnít switch the CPU though and will maybe try that tomorrow.

Thanks for the ideas!

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Default Re: HP Pavilion 500

How did testing go? I've had an issue with my 500-164 with AMD A6 prob but with Jasmine ms-7778 mb. Can't get to boot. Fans spin up but won't go any further. Swapped in new ram, and tried new PSU. Curious if you or others have had this similar issue and resolution? Bad mb? is offline   Reply With Quote
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Default Re: HP Pavilion 500


I agree with previous answers.
To summarize do the following:
1. disconnect power supply from the mother board (all cables) and measure resistance (shorts) between GND and all voltage levels on 24pin connector (5Vsb, 5V, 12V, -12V, 3.3V).
2. visually isnpect place around chipset that has no heatsink.
place computer in paralel with desk and put small heatsink on chipset
3. connect good power supply to 24pin connector and connect 4pin cable near to CPU e.g. from another computer. Leave all other cables/devices unconnected
4. connect power cable
5. check if the standby LED lights on the board (measure 5Vsb on 24pin conn.)
6. power on
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