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Default Made in USA

I have an old pair of small diagonal cutters that I wore out. I started shopping for a new pair and found these for $7:

and these for $25

I would like to have the Klein (made in USA, induction hardened) but it's hard to justify an extra $18 for the light use I will give them.

I also thought of buying a weller wes51. But reading up on it, I learned the company moved their manufacturing from North Carolina to Mexico a few years ago. And despite having cheap Mexican labor, they still want people to pay $100 for it, as though they're still manufactured in the USA!

I'd rather pay $10 for a cheap Chinese iron than $100 for a cheap Mexican iron with a recognized name slapped on it. Who do the greedy corporate executives think they're fooling?

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Default Re: Made in USA

For soldering work at least, you're better off with a pair of flush cutting pliers vs. diagonal cut. Diagonal cut will cut things to a "point", leaving a sharp edge which. Flush cut in theory cuts straight across, leaving a more blunt edge.
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Default Re: Made in USA

True, if you want the ends squared off like they come from the factory. But once the board is in the case, the little pointy ends won't hurt me.
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Default Re: Made in USA

But pointy ends gather a charge. Probably not an issue on a motherboard but might be an issue in high voltage like power supplies, monitors, etc. That's why tesla coils have round tops with a spark point. Just my 2 pennies. Personally I use some cheapo ones from harbor freight cause I always lose them
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