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Default Sun Fire X2200 M2

So I got a Sun X2200 M2 a month ago, and did my usual run of redoing the thermal compound on it, de-dustifying it, etc. and have been successfully running it for a month on and off, and more-so after finding and updating the BIOS and ELOM firmware on it.

So a couple weeks ago, I pulled the second CPU's heatsink and re-repasted it since it was running warmer than the other CPU. (doing this solved the problem.) while doing this, I saw something I didn't see before... one of the capacitors next to the CPU socket UNDER the heatsink had pooped its pants! when I saw it, it made me think of my recent bout with my Ultra 10... which had a few that did the same thing. all the other capacitors on the board (attached) look fairly clean. and yes, that is 64GB of RAM in there as well.

I picked up a lot of 10 of them off eBay because I'm broke and couldn't locate proper replacements on mouser or digikey for the life of me. I got some Panasonic FL 4v 680uF, same voltage and rating. however, today I learned they're new-old-stock from 2005, november and december. serves me right.

I have some friends coming from Ohio in a few days and one of them is bringing an ESR meter for testing them all... but I really want to just get the darn thing replaced and done with. my goal is to put this in a rack in California owned by my friend in a Datacenter where he will likely pay almost nothing more to have it in there-- and in which case would be good for me!

My question is, do I go ahead and do the deed of replacing them outright or do I wait for an ESR meter to become available to me to test them out first?
I'll be gone in Ohio for the next week after that and would rather have a fully 100% server than one with a blown cap on one of the CPUs. Also, do I use one of the older ones, or one of the newest of the lot of them? in practice I understand it's sketchy to use old-stock caps from talking with people that've done electronics repair for a living, but supposedly okay in some sort of way if the cap tests out good... so I'm not too fazed by them being NOS to an extent.

TL;DR bad cap in sun amd64 1U server, no replacements on Digikey/Mouser, got replacements from eBay because I'm broke, found out they're legit 10 year-old NOS, do I wait for my friends with an ESR meter to test them or do I just go ahead and wing it?
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