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Default DPS-160QB "Slimeline" Power Supply


Power supply used in HP Slimline Bookshelf PC Series

An HP Slimline S3321p appeared dead.

suspect: Power Supply
HP P/N: 5188-7520
Delta Electronics P/N: DPS-160QB A Rev: 01 F

It has a mini motherboard connector so I couldn't immediately hookup another power supply to test.

after popping the cover on the PS

Delta P/N: DPS-160QP


I noticed a swollen cap


decided I would give it a shot so I disassembled the PS.
Upon further inspection, hiding under the motherboard bundle, I find more blown/swollen caps


Back side of board looks good (???)


After digging through my capacitors I have them all except 2.
The first cap I saw was 1500uf 16v so I decided to substitute in a 2200uf 16v (???)(red oval).
The 2nd was a 1000uf 10v (HD)(yellow oval). I did have a 1000uf 10v (HM), but I didn't substitute. (???) Old one looked good so I left it. (???)


If I read the board right:
C904 1500uf 16V substituted: 2200uf 16v
C152 1000uf 16V
C303 1000uf 6.3v
C103 1000uf 10v
C302 1000uf 6.3v
C102 1000uf 10V


I get them replaced


put it all back together and the computer fired right up.

great site - thnx
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Default Re: DPS-160QB "Slimeline" Power Supply

Welcome, Hoare!

Good repair job.
CapXon low-ESR caps are known to go bad over time.
My first choice in quality Japanese electrolytics is Nippon Chemi-Con, which has been in business since 1931... the quality of electronics is dependent on the quality of the electrolytics.
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Old 03-26-2013, 06:32 AM   #3
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Default Re: DPS-160QB "Slimeline" Power Supply

not only bad caps but snails/slugs inside?
anyway all sff boxes tend to cook themselves like this.i would have replaced all regardless of looks.
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Default Re: DPS-160QB "Slimeline" Power Supply

Great job! thanks for the images.

I did the same repairing. There was a blackout in the house and when the power returned the HP Slimline didn't start. The PSU turns the green led on when connected, but when you make connection between power on and gnd, it will turn off. So I opened the PSU and took a look to the caps. Three of them were leaked: the one that Hoare marked with a red oval, and two of the section from the third image he posted (both of 1000 uf, can't remember exact voltage). The problem was: that section is really hard to work, all the components are too damn close. So you need to remove all those caps there to see if they are leaked or not.

Denpending on where you live, this PSU is hard to find or is a little expensive, so I'm happy I could repair it using just a few caps removed from old mobos and non-working PSUs. Your post helped me to find all those bad caps, thank you.
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Default Re: DPS-160QB "Slimeline" Power Supply

Just grabbed one of these with a no power issue for a cool $20!!! There were swollen caps on the motherboard AND in the power supply. Time for a trip to Priestcain Electronics!
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Default Re: DPS-160QB "Slimeline" Power Supply

Same PSU,no green LED on inside it.Components seems good,no swollen caps.
What could it be?
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Old 11-26-2018, 11:44 PM   #7
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Default Re: DPS-160QB "Slimeline" Power Supply

Originally Posted by ipopescu852 View Post
Same PSU,no green LED on inside it.Components seems good,no swollen caps.
What could it be?
Just because the capacitors don't look swollen/bad doesn't mean that they aren't. I've seen electrolytic caps fail many times now with no visual signs. This is especially common for the small ones (5 mm and 6.3 mm diameter).

If you don't have an ESR meter, replace everything but the big cap on the primary side. If that doesn't fix the PSU, then we go looking where the issue is.
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