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Default Windows 10 & Wireless Headphones

So I found my wife a pair of Sony MDR-100ABN's, and we were goofing with them yesterday. She has a new HP Sceptre with Windows 10. I don't know 10 at all so my blood pressure goes up trying to navigate the unruly interface.

I played with lots of settings yesterday, when I was trying to make the headphones connect to the laptop over bluetooth including, the MIC settings since we were playing with the Noice-Cancelling setting on the headphones. I ended up putting the MIC setting back to the Intel default on the laptop, but the output for the headphones.

Move forward to today, the wife is using the headphones with a 3.5mm audio cable so she doesn't need to use the battery on the headphones. You can use the headphones with the 3.5mm cable and have them ON and they will appear to be 32-Ohms. But if you have them OFF and use the cable, they appear as 16-Ohms. So just now we were running them OFF with the 3.5mm cable and I can hear everything except for her Flipgrid videos for her college courses AND YouTube videos. It's not that there is no sound, it's just SO LOW you can only hear the S sounds and such when people speak, very faintly. But all system sounds are normal.

BUT if I remove those headphones and just plug a normal hardwired set of headphones into the laptop, suddenly you can hear EVERYTHING including all flash player based videos as on YouTube and her Flipgrid videos. Also, just using the regular Realtek Speaker output on the laptop speakers allows all audio to be played normally. But as soon as you plug the 3.5mm cable in with the wireless headphones, in the OFF mode, you hear all system sounds, but not the flash videos and such. I updated Flash Player, just now and it makes no difference if I run Chrome or Firefox.

WTF is going on?!
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Default Re: Windows 10 & Wireless Headphones

Do these headphones have MIC incorporated on the SAME wire? (as in both share the 3.5mm jack, and the 3.5mm has three indentations instead of two)
Or audio and mic on separate wires?

Some laptops (despite being a HP Spectre of all things, which should be pretty new) don't play nice at all with these, regardless of being BT or not. I have a pair of GXT/Trust headphones and those are done in the exact way I described above - the headphone has mic, and the cable for this is a single 3.5mm that shares both audio and mic. The other is just a lame USB-A cable responsible for the LEDs (and nothing else special)

BTW, have you tried them on a desktop to check if the same thing happens there?
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