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Default Dell Optiplex GX-280 - Repaired

Had a dell optiplex 280 that had several blown 6.3V/1800uF caps on the board. I noticed that the cathode side of the board is actually the anode side. Beware. I dont know why dell does this but it was so. Any way replaced the caps with 35V/1800uf caps and noticed that the orange light on the front of the computer was not blinking fast instead of powering up like it did before the replacement. I thought wow are these caps causing this issue. I said can't be. So I opened the power supply and there were 2 16V/1000uF caps blown in there as well. Very hard to see because they had glue all on top and the bottom of one of the caps was blown not the top. None the less, replaced the 2 blown caps, put power supply back together, put machine back together, plugged in computer, waited about 10 seconds, the light was now solid orange, hit power, and voila we were back in business!
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Default Re: Dell Optiplex GX-280 - Repaired

That's a little strange. On a Dell a blinking yellow usually means motherboard problem. A Steady Yellow (Orange) light usually means power supply problem. You say "the light was now solid orange, hit power, and voila we were back in business!"

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