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Default Re: Overclockable Dell computers.

I like that 65nm Quad that you have. Makes me wonder if I should try to get another sample of a Quad with the same lithography, even when my brain keeps saying, "45nm".

If you only need to touch the core multi and Vcore, then the toughest test, often would be Linpack. You don't even need to run it more than around 30 minutes to do what an earlier Prime95 would require 12+ hours for.
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Default Re: Overclockable Dell computers.

The good QX6800 is the SLACP G0 version. I haven't tried this because I already own a couple of them, but the QX6850 SLAFN is also G0 stepping but 333fsb and is unloved. If you can manage a BSEL pinmod down to 266fsb you would have an unlocked "QX6600" G0 ( 9x multi.).
Now it's time for me to be honest about this. These are no longer $1000 CPUs. I don't stay within bounds on a few things. I also don't use this old junk for any data sensitive applications. I test with 3x Prime 95 on 4 cores which provides about 80-85% CPU load and seems to provide enough stability in the "real" world of benchmarks and gaming to work well. A QX6700 B3 stepping can be had for $20. But the thermal limits are very low on those and they don't OC well. But to try your hand at this,and develop some cooling mods might be worth the trouble. The 2 core X6800 B2 used to be cheap,and might make some speed on an Opti 745, but prices are way up on these for some unknown reason.
Maybe you guys can tell me how many Watts a QX6800 going 4GHz @ 1.5875V. is using? I actually never tested at that speed because I didn't know how to recover from a crash with those settings saved. But now i have some better cooling options, and Safe Mode will boot w/o TS running so I may look into it more. It may have crashed because
A- It went over 1.6V. which is an Intel hard limit on those computers. I tried 1.6V. it booted but crashed so I dropped Voltage 1 notch, got mY CPUZ valifation and never went back to it.
B- The Dell PSU couldn't make enough Watts on an 18A. 12V.rail. and shut down that rail.
I made a thread at Tom's about overclocking Dells if you want to look into it.
I also didn't know the trick of using SetFSB to drop the FSB down, add another multi, and then bring the fsb back up for an incremental overclock. I just used whole multipliers back then. This was actually my first overclock, and the Dimension E520 is what I owned so that's what I used. I was struggling at 3.45Ghz when I tried a few mods, and discovered that every time the fan would speed up it crashed. So I wired the fan up to a Molex and gained .100V.(-.050V. starting point, and +.050V. higher limit) at the CPU and went straight to 3.73Ghz "stable", and on to 4GHz momentarily.

Here's a Youtube on grabbing FSB control on a Dimansion 9200 aka XPS410.

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Default Re: Overclockable Dell computers.

The reason for the XPS410/9200 for overclocking is they have a 4 phase VRM that's very rare in a Dell. The E520,XPS210/9200c are also this way being different sizes of the same design.
The only other 4 phase VRM 775 Dell I've found is the Optiplex XE Desktop. Which was used for commercial applications such as airport signage, or barcode scanning (it has 24V. USB header for that). These were often built into cabinets with poor airfow. There was even an air duct kit for doing this. I grabbed a few, but haven't run one yet. I have no idea whether or not the 95W Optiplex CPU limit applies to these or not. The G45 chipset and 4 DDR3 RAM slots are hopeful signs. I can't find any userbenchmaeks for it to see what others have done.
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