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Default Fic P4m-915g/pd1

Recd this mobo unknown state.

Checked BIOS with my Willem. Find a Tiny OEM BIOS.
Suspect the mobo came out of a Tiny 5-5300 PCI-Express PC.

Had noticeable swollen cap beside PCI-Express slot - 10V 1000F.
Replaced with Panasonic FM 10V 1000uF.

This system is populated with;

4 of Green 1800 uF 16.0 V Sanyo WG 105 deg C - H 23.0 mm x Dia 10 mm
10 of Silver 560 uF 4.0 V Sanyo OSCON SEPC 105 deg C - H 10.0 mm x Dia 7.5 mm
12 of Black 1000 uF 10.0 V Elite PF(M) 105 deg C - H 16.0 mm x Dia 8.0 mm
4 of Purple 1000 uF 6.3 V Rubycon MBZ 105 deg C - H 16.0 mm x Dia 8.0 mm
4 of Brown 220 uF 16.0 V Teapo SEK 105 deg C - H 13.5 mm x Dia 5.0 mm
4 of Brown 470 uF 10.0 V Teapo SEK 105 deg C - H 13.5 mm x Dia 5.0 mm
2 of Black 680 uF 10.0 V Nichicon ZL 105 deg C - H 20.0 mm x Dia 7.5 mm
10 of Black 47 uF 16.0 V Teapo SS 105 deg C - H 10.0 mm x Dia 7.5 mm

Mobo powers up ok. Use a post card to get some readings.
All voltages appear ok - suspect the VRM (given the caps used) is not a problem.

The read out from the post card is;
+12V - good
-12V - good
-5V/3.3V - good
+5V - good

However, my POST diag card is flashing intermitently a number of indicators

Sys Led - continuously flashing on/off
Clk Led - continuously flashing on/off, sometimes stays on for a second or two
IOW Led - flashing
Osc Frame - on
Rst - stays on
Bios Rdy - off
Data - continuously flashing on/off

The flashing behaviour is replicated on the Keyboard LEDS so far as;
1. The NUM lock;
2. The CAPS lock and;
3. The Scroll lock
keys flash in tandem with those flasing on/off LEDs on the POST card

As the reset is always on, there may well be a short to deal with.
Suspect crapacitor problems with DC-DC blocks on the board so far as
the first bad 10V 1000uF was Elite.

What are the views of forum members? Nuke the Elites, replace with FMs
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Default Re: Fic P4m-915g/pd1

if you found two stuffed caps its usually a good idea to replace the lot
Given also they are crap

they don't appear to be being used in critical positions so probably wont solve your problem. (thought we live in hope it will)

apart from that I got no idea sorry JE

but as you say it seems to be stuck in a reset cycle and yeah possibly due to a short
Caps can short but probably those caps are across supply rails anyway

many moons ago caps were used to time for reset but no idea how the reset circuits works these days...probably all taken care of by a chip...but if a cap was used I suspect it would a tiny one so there goes that theory

no help mate, I know

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