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Default netvista 6578 recaps (+/- successful)

Hi everyone,

i'm very happy to have find to forum and recaps with some succes my ibm netvista 6578 motherboard. After a long don't working this PC is coming back to life after i change 1200 uF and 1500 uF caps. But now i have some stability problem with it. PC froze when installing OS. I suspect integrated video card to be faulty. Does anyone have similar problem after recaps only le biggest caps ? Maybe i will need to recaps other capacitor ! Some comments ?


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Default Re: netvista 6578 recaps (+/- successful)

well don't know about netvista 6578

but yeah sometimes weird things happen when installing on name brand PC's , they usually have there own setup disks
(which has drivers etc)

So maybe that is the issue you may have to hack the install to get it to work
(build a slip stream CD with driver or something)

Thats if you are using a windows retail type disk

I dont know.

Just on the caps did you replace all the caps are around the Cpu and Mosfets?
(VRM is what I am talking about here)

Or just a few that were popped

Normally you replace all with new one's...its really the best and only way to go.

They should be Quality Low ESR types for VRM
(read posts around here you soon get what I mean, if you haven't already.)
(sounds like you have thought)

I ask this cause some people don't and they still could have failed caps or more likely caps that will fail soon

Apart from that you could if you suspect a video problem perhaps turn it off and use a card if you can do it that with that MB..again don't know.

Hopefully someone will post that knows these systems with more accurate info for you

Cheers & welcome
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Default Re: netvista 6578 recaps (+/- successful)

I replace all caps that have a vent. On some boards, this means 100uf and up. Bad caps around the agp, pci, or memory slot can have some strange effects that are hard to track down.
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