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Default Soyo SY-P4I875P Dragon 2 - cap questions

What a great site - I stumbled on it looking for caps.

I have a Soyo SY-P4I875P Dragon 2 mobo that won't post and has 2 buldging caps beside the AGP slot. This board has SACON crapacitors and is of approximately 2003-2004 vintage. I have a few questions before I proceed with a recap of this board.

First, the problem may not have originated with the caps. The computer locked up one night and on reboot it failed to get beyond the initial diagnostics post screen, specifically it locked at the BIOS reflash entry prompt. Subsequent power cycles failed to post. On inspection (boy, should have done that sooner) the graphics card was toast (the fans were hanging out and the decorative plastic over the heatsink was heat warped) and two caps were buldging. The PSU was also fried. So, theoretically of course, did the caps cause the problem or did they result from the problem? And also, will a recap help or has to much damage been done? What other parts would be suspect?

Second, if I do recap the board, I have some questions about the original cap specs. There are 3 values of caps above 500 μF that I would like to replace. One of the values has two different part numbers. Here's what I have (all SACON):

(7 pcs) 2200μF 6.3v 105˚C SZ306
(14 pcs) 1000μF 10v 105˚C SZ310
(3 pcs) 1500μF 16v 105˚C SZ310
(4 pcs) 1500μF 16v 105˚C SZ306

I can't get to SACON's spec sheets for the SZ series caps. If someone could post a link - that would answer a lot of my questions. What is the difference between the specs of the SZ306 and the SZ310 parts (particularly with the 1500μFs).

The next biggest value caps on the board are 470μF 16v. Do these need to be replaced? If so they come in at least three flavors, SZ211, SZ309 and SZ306. What are the specs for those part numbers?

Sorry for the large number of questions but I can't locate the info in my searches. If additional information is needed - please ask.

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