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Default Re: Samsung 226bw dead. No power

Originally Posted by sixstringartist View Post
No blue light, no backlights, no display.
No blue light points to the main/logic board as being suspect. The voltage regulators on the main/logic board are all within spec.
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Default Re: Samsung 226bw dead. No power

Just a quick update. After reconnecting the button board the LED started lighting up again.

So I slapped it back together and sure enough it seems to be working fine.

No idea what happened here but I'll take credit for it and drink a beer

Thanks for the help (mostly indirectly by helping other people). In the end Ive gained a much better understanding of SMPS design from this experience. Great site, Im sure I'll be back.
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Old 11-30-2014, 04:37 PM   #63
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Default Re: Samsung 226bw dead. No power


I'm facing the same problem with my Samsung 226BM.
The display stopped working, the power led would not turn on.
I opened the monitor, and surely enough, the 6 big caps were blown (5x 820µf, 1x 330µF).

I replaced them with new panasonic caps but that doesn't seen to have fixed the problem...
I didn't replace the small caps but they are fine (I checked them with an ESR meter).

Here are the measurement I took.

PSU board.
  1. B-DIM: 4.99v
  2. GND: 0.00v
  3. GND: 0.00v
  4. GND: 0.00v
  5. 13.5V: 15.69v
  6. 13.5V: 15.69v
  7. 13.5V: 15.69v
  8. A-DIM: 4.67v
  9. ON/OFF: 0.00v

Logic board.
  1. 0.00v
  2. 1.80v
  3. 3.75v

  1. 5.19v
  2. 0.00v
  3. 5.19v

  1. 0.00v
  2. 3.29v
  3. 5.19v

  1. 15.68v
  2. 5.19v
  3. 0.00v
  4. 5.19v
  5. 0.00v

  1. 0.00v
  2. 1.82v (Goes to 0.00v when the power switch is pressed)
  3. 1.82v
  4. 0.28v

Any help would be very welcome.
Thanks in advance

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Default Re: Samsung 226bw dead. No power

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Default Re: Samsung 226bw dead. No power

Take a good look at the solder joints on the bottom of both boards.

My 226BW died in december with no blue power LED at all and I just got around to taking it apart today to figure out which caps I needed to replace--turned out that all the caps looked fine. No bulging and no leaking. However, some of the solder joints looked like my first attempts at soldering as a 12-year-old and were definitely no longer making any sort of connection to the board.

I just fixed up the 4-5 bad solder jobs and everything is working fine again.

Sounds like you definitely had bad caps but maybe you also had some bad solder joints somewhere else you weren't looking that need a touch-up like mine?
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