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Default dreaded nvidia gpu? motherboard or LCD


I was working on a friend of the families (never again) laptop, upgrading reinstalling etc.

HP G60

All was well AND had unit ready for delievery.

I forgot they complained about a noise coming from the cpu fan, took it apart and sure enough plastic bits floating around there.

Put everything back together and all i get is a white screen (sometimes with moving lines but usually just soldid full white screen).

I did the usually reseat everything but same thing.

External VGA works ok.

I ordered a replacemnet cable from ebay with same results.

Can bad motherboard (or onboard nvidia chip) fail on LCD but still allow external VGA???

I need to find out if its motherboard or LCD gone bad.

LCD is a 15.6". I have several 15.4" laptops laying around but im not sure if the size matters here, are they compatible? The cables fit but i get black screen with lots of white moving lines with the 15.4". when i try the 15.6 on the spare laptop i just get white screen. I doubt inverter since the screen is WHITE.

Any idea?

These supposedly family friends are a bunch of cheap ass douche bags, they agree to puchasing windows and a new fan (their idea), i buy that install activate yadda yadda, NOW they are thinking about just trashing the system and not paying me for the parts since they are feel that "i broke it" they say it was working fine when we left it with you.... i cant return the software or hardware so all i can do is hope to find a cheap replacement part so they compensate me for the software.

These people have some nerve after all the time (and my weekends!) i wasted to help them, and i just wanted to do them a favor since they have known my family even before i was a squirt of my father and complain about how they dont have money.........i felt sorry for them (yet recently purchased a brand new boat) See if i ever return their calls once this is said done and over with.

I should have saw it coming, 15 years ago never got paid for helping with that fence.... ERR!


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Default Re: dreaded nvidia gpu? motherboard or LCD

What nvidia does it have exactly?

To answer your first question, yes i do remember hearing that the GPUs can fail in such a way as to only display video on an external monitor. All failed ones that have gone thru my hands always had artifacts everywhere or no video at all, i didn't see such a failure mode yet, but i've heard about it.

But white screen sounds more like cable fault. You did say you replaced the cable though.
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Default Re: dreaded nvidia gpu? motherboard or LCD

Geforce 8200M

Maybe a bad cable from fleabay..

maybe bad chip and LCD.. my test yeild conflicting results and im not even sure if they are valid tests (swapping 15.6" with a 15.4" and vice versa)

But i also have heard (as in reading something in the net) about the lcd failing with external vga working but have never seen it (as a bench tech).

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Default Re: dreaded nvidia gpu? motherboard or LCD

Sounds like the ribbon cable for the screen.
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Default Re: dreaded nvidia gpu? motherboard or LCD

Here is the deal. When the LCD cannot see a data signal it will go all white. The inverter is OK. There are 3 places where the problem can be however. A fuse on the LCD board itself, a blown transistor or diode on the motherboard near the lvds connection or the cable itself has a broken wire. I've never seen a GPU causing an all white LCD symptom. In some of the Intel DV9000's you'd get a black screen (or random wavy lines) however in this case the external VGA usually indicates problems also. In your case, with the external VGA working fine I'd suspect one of the three things I mentioned. My first guess would be the cable (has to be 100% compatible) then a bad component near the LVDS. Maybe you bumped the motherboard against something when re-installing it? If its the motherboard, it should be detectable by visual inspection.
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Default Re: dreaded nvidia gpu? motherboard or LCD

My first bet would be a bad display, second would be the ribbon cable for the display and third would be some kind of damage to the connector for the ribbon cable either on the motherboard or the display. With that said I highly doubt you have a vga that is damaged. Take it to a laptop tech and borrow a display and connector to check the laptop, they should have those parts at hand.
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Default Re: dreaded nvidia gpu? motherboard or LCD

I too feel that motherboard is OK (because the external vga working) however the screen swap is what caused my doubt.

I will carefully examine the board connectors and LCD for any signs of physical damage tonight when i get home from work.

I think if i dont find anything here i will chaulk it up to bad LCD (i did notice a humming coming from it once but has since went away)

Im almost positive the cable is correct (same part numbers on old one as new) and the cable seems brand new, had double sided tape on the cable that has not been peeled yet and no bends in the cable. But im going to double check the pins... just to make sure some joker didnt just swap p/n stickers.

im tracking down a friend who -may- have the same model. ::finger crossed::
All the laptop shops here want you to leave it with them for them to check out for you, bottom line here is the labor fees im not in a position to cover. Some of them are my companies comp (small world in same industry lol)

I appreciate everyones comments, helps remove some anxiety of doubt.

These people did agree to pay half of cost of license for windows and decided upon getting a new laptop but still want to keep old one (i was hopeing to keep it for my self after all this). When they ask me to xfer data from old to new i will charge them the other half of windows lol. still sucks as i made nothing and waste so much time and effort but at least im not in the negative.
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Default Re: dreaded nvidia gpu? motherboard or LCD

It happened to me 3 times to have image on external monitor but not on laptop screen.
They were all using Nvidia chips and sure enough it was that to blame..
You can very carefully heat the graphic chip with a heat gun for 10-15 sec to see if image appears back on internal monitor.If it does it sure ain't gonna last long but you are sure it is a faulty graphic chip.
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Default Re: dreaded nvidia gpu? motherboard or LCD

the problem amongs:
1. the LCD/LED Panel
2. Ribbon/flexible cable (since u replace it, considered it none of cause)
3. the SOT23 transistor on motherboard have leak/dead/shorted....
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