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Default Re: HV Probe Suggestions

Originally Posted by tom66 View Post
A battery has two types of internal resistance:
- Electrical resistance, the effects of which occur immediately
- Ionic resistance, which takes some amount of time to occur (typically several seconds after a load is applied)
If you dead short a battery with wrench the voltage will be zero LONG before 'several seconds' and the Ionic resistance won't make a lick of difference because there won't be any possibility [potential] for current to flow.
- All the rest of your discussion happens -after- that. (Even if it's only several seconds after.)
The battery was being used as a readily available simulator for a high energy cap.
What happens 'after that' doesn't happen (significantly) in caps and is completely irrelevant to the simulation.
~ I didn't want to sprout a side topic that was irrelevant with someone that's already confused.
~ That's why I said to ignore it.

So thanks for bringing it up anyway....

And no.
If you put a spanner across battery terminals it won't be full volts across the spanner.
Not sure where that even came from.
Volts will be near zero faster than the response time of most meters.
Mann-Made Global Warming.
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