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Default Re: xplio computer monitor

Originally Posted by scampo77 View Post
is there an affordable meter i can buy to test the important specs of capacitors? i am curious which one of these caps failed and which ones i can throw into my toolbox and save for later if i am ever in a pinch and need one.

i have a cheap meter right now that has a "cap" setting but i am either using it wrong or dont understand what it is telling me. i was hoping to find a meter that says "440uF" or so and so ESR. or whatever else is relivent info.

i ordered parts from mcm and i managed to get this moniter working "for now" off of my dollar store caps and the help of everyone here so a big thank you to everyone!!!!

i have a very old scope that i was told i could use to test caps but im not sure how or even if its true any advice would be appreciated.
Mostly, you'll find them to be bloated, or if no signs of damage at all, they will be Capxon or other bad/failing (crap) brand/series.Sometimes you'll find a change-on-sight cap.For that, you don't really need an ESR meter,unless you plan to do a living from this, maybe ...
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Default Re: xplio computer monitor

I like to say thank you to avery one that had post in this forun about xplio computer monitor because I could fix my monitor the capacitor 680uf 25v and 1000uf 10v was no good and I replace for 1000uf 16v and 680uf 35v I have realy hard time to find the same tipe but with the post of MIKELEY(Nice video tutorial on Capacitor basics... ) I could qot my answer thank's a lot
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