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Default Re: Dell Optiplex GX620 with Oozing Rubycon caps

Originally Posted by Wester547 View Post
Part of the problem is an inadequate cooling design, but the other part of the problem is that MCZ are just really sensitive to heat (not “plague” capacitors though).
Yes, they are sensitive indeed. But when well-cooled, they will last a very long time and not give problems at all, unlike Chemicon KZG and KZJ, which will fail on their own, with or without use.

Originally Posted by Wester547 View Post
For an example (I’m sure you know this), in the HP DC5000 and D530 SFF computers, the MCZ in the VRM out are almost always bulging and leaking, often before any of the Teapos bulge, but the FL are never bulged.
Similar ordeal in the HP DC7700 (and possibly DC7600 and DC7800) boards. I got a board from a DC7700 "mini" tower (not SFF or USFF)... i.e. mATX board. All of the Rubycon MCZ caps on the high CPU side along with the many elsewhere on the board were bulging and leaking. The Rubycon MBZs next to them were fine, though. However, I'm pretty sure it wasn't a bad batch of MCZ caps, because the board had quite a bit of darkening of the solder mask on the underside of the chipsets and also around the VRM area, implying that the tower had either poor ventilation or there was a Pentium D fireball in the CPU socket (or both ).
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