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Default Re: Dell w4201c hd pdp hdtv plasma tv

As i do not have the electronic experience with this type of repair i may be in a lot over my head so please bare with just go ahead and test for shorts i wouldn't know where to start so i just did some cable plugging / unplugging and here is what i found. hopefully this may help.

there is a small green light on the main panel at the bottom just right of the PHILIPS cable output when power cable is plugged in.

everything plugged in normal i press the power button and i hear 3 clicks coming from the power relay boxes. when i press the power button off. no clicking sound.

with only the x-main unplugged i hear 2 clicks but when powered off i hear one click.

with only the y-main unplugged i hear 3 clicks but when powered off no click.

i hope this may narrow it down as like i said this may be beyond my capabilities to properly test the unit. thanks.
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