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Default Re: Dell w4201c hd pdp hdtv plasma tv

These are known for failures of two capacitors on the power supply. Most of the time they show no signs of failure. Coppell TV wrote an article about this problem here:

Now, it is also possible that the Y-main and buffers could have failed as this TV uses the LJ92-01200A, -01202A, -01203A Y-main and buffers. If that is the case then it might not be worth repairing.

I would suggest checking voltages coming out of the power supply as your first step. First, check voltages with all boards plugged in. If you do not get correct values then disconnect the Y-main and recheck. Reconnect the Y-main and disconnect the X-main and recheck. Finally disconnect both and recheck if you still do not get correct voltages then the power supply is the problem. At that point I would suggest replacing the two caps mentioned in the above article as they are responsible for the Vs-On signal from thr main board.
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