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Default Re: PNY Geforce Nvidia 6200 256MB PCI only

ok so i checked out a petrol kiosk near me and it was a caltex. they seem to sell about a handful of types of engine oil.

the first one is the havoline power 2t motorcycle engine oil for two-stroke motorcycle engines. the second is havoline super 4t for four-stroke motorcycle engines. not sure which oil has a "lighter" consistency for use in spinning shaft sleeve bearings. the marketing babble for the 4t oil claims it has "friction boosters" to improve clutch performance. not sure if that is good for sleeve bearings. im guessing that would be too greasy and sticky for sleeve bearing use?

they also have formula mineral engine oil, pro ds fully synthetic engine oil and some heavy duty diesel engine oil. im guessing the diesel engine oil may be too greasy or sticky for sleeve bearing use?

so should i go with the motorcycle engine oil or the car engine oil? which has the lighter consistency suitable for sleeve bearing use? and lastly, all of these oils seem to have warnings on them that say prolonged contact with motor oil has been shown to cause skin cancer! eeeks! so which oil is less likely to fly off the bearing when spun at a high rpm? dont want the oil flying off, landing on me and giving me skin cancer!
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