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Default Re: the gutless, bloated, and fried power supply hall of shame

RE: the Duro PSU...
Not sure if it's a Linkworld - at least it doesn't look like it to me.
Pretty gutless unit though, especially the secondary side with its two 3 Amp DOaB. Not only that, but I see a 40N03P MOSFET (Q5), which tells me the 3.3V rail is likely linearly-regulated from the rectified 5V rail. This is a cheap way to get a clean 3.3V rail with very little ripple, but it is very inefficient. And I imagine the 5V rail rectifier is probably a 20 Amp part at best. So 3.3V + 5V combined power is realistically no more than 100 Watts.

At least back in the Pentium 3 and Athlon days, most PCs rarely required more than 40-60 Watts of power. So that's how this PSU probably managed to survive that long.
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