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Default Re: Dell Optiplex GX280 no boot and fan going crazy

I've been through lot of Optiplex and what i can say , they are very sensitive to their Original Cpus and even Fans . Once i was offered one working board because its owner tried to use another type of fans and it wouldn't boot . A very stubborn and sensitive bios they have , and that include Memory sticks if older than two or three years . Resetting memories isn't a perfect solution , just a small turn around for the next trouble . Better replace them with Dell's ones if available .

And yes , the North and South bridges always get hot .. For my units , not intended for sale , i used to add a small fan as initial precautions at the very first time bought , and therefore extending their life's expectancy . Fact is i preceded Dell in putting heat sinks on south bridge , and maybe if they didn't succeed in going down in microns , we would see fans on the North bridge too . You can say that those fans were also precedent precautions to prevent reflowing issues ..

Bad caps were also very frequent in those boards especially the big ones ...
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