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Default Re: Would you read my reviews in english?

Originally Posted by Pavel? View Post
So you like Pavel's nasty reviews?
that is your opinion.
Originally Posted by Pavel? View Post
You all miss the point. So you like Pavel's nasty reviews? Honestly they don't say much. Pavel has no clue on value rating because he thinks it is fun to test all units to fail and put a big X on the page. So, you want to show everyone how awesome you can test but you have nothing to test so what is purpose?
so he is wrong in setting the bar high? thats his own perogative not yours. if u get butt hurt with his opinion of a 50% score, then take your butt hurt elsewhere where the sun dont shine.

there is always room for improvement in everything. that is what keeps tech moving forward. so u want reviews that write "oh the product is perfect. nothing more that needs to be done" blah blah blah. that is not a review. it just tells the manufacturer to be complacent from now on and things could get shittier from then on. that is the reason i dont read or trust reviews anymore these days because of all the boot licking and bribes/paid reviews these days.

what about movie reviews? there are a ton of great movies out there and some movie reviewers somehow only score them 3/5 stars. does it mean it was a crappy movie? one man's meat is another man's poison. dont like the review? then just dont read it. dont read all the boot licking, bribed reviews like me.
Originally Posted by Pavel? View Post
Chaos, when you will pay 500$ for a MB or 500$ for a power supply, 300$ for a case, then you can see how long a product can last but when you and everyone else is looking for the cheapest, then what do you expect? You guys should study economics.
fyi, just because a product has a high price does not necessarily mean that it will last long. there are a ton of cheap in their day, old, antique electronic items on ebay still working to this day but according to your own logic, by right they shouldnt exist. they should all have failed by now.

and looking for the cheapest is a natural human nature for buyers. there is nothing wrong with that. so u are saying that the cheapest human nature is wrong and those that do that should be mocked at as if they were barbarians because they couldnt go against their "buyer's natural instinct"? let me tell u, willing buyer willing seller. what about the people looking for stuff with a specific purpose or design to suit their needs and dont look at price? your comment is highly insulting and derogatory to them. not everyone goes for cheap junk from china.

also, pricing a MB at $500, a power supply at $500 and a case at $300 is not economics. its the fastest way to go out of business. look at what happened to windy soldam for example. willing buyer willing seller. you should study how to do business and marketing instead.

what if i paid $500 for a psu and still ended up with junk? that is not economics. that is a scam. take the silverstone sx600 80 plus gold sfx psu for example. pricey sfx psu but what do they put in there? teapos! havent they heard the saying in a car advertisement on the teevee? "if u go with second best, u will always have second thoughts." if the buyer was in the market for cheap, they wouldnt be buying that pricey sfx psu and still end up with "second best" components.
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