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Default Re: Would you read my reviews in english?

Attention: Do not answer this Troll's political comments. He's trying to get the thread locked by distracting from the subject matter
Originally Posted by Pavel? View Post
You all miss the point. So you like Pavel's nasty reviews? Honestly they don't say much. Pavel has no clue on value rating because he thinks it is fun to test all units to fail and put a big X on the page. So, you want to show everyone how awesome you can test but you have nothing to test so what is purpose?
Yes ALL products fail until they PROVE themselves worthy. If I went to the CEO of one of these companies and asked to rent a unit in one of the thousand or so apartments he owns around the world, he would run credit checks on me till no end, lock me in an incredibly exploitative lease, and then charge me a fortune -- and that's if he liked my face.

I think it's very fair to put "a big X" one one of his power supplies that don't pass the base ATX spec, in this day and age, and especially these any decades after the spec was released.
Mockingbird, guess you jump on Trump's racist band wagon. You think Chinese make and you must buy? People say, this is how much I want to spend then they make according to the money. It is supply and demand. You write, and now they're still selling us junk, great, then you are a fool to buy. No one put gun to your head.
That's not the point. I don't have to hold the Chinese by the hand so-to-speak and tell them how to manufacture products that might appeal to me. They produce, and we uy what we like, that's the extent of our arrangement with them. If they can't produce products we like, then they should be better informed about what to sell us. If they expect 'Guanxi' to work to their favor here, then they're deluded.
Chaos, when you will pay 500$ for a MB or 500$ for a power supply, 300$ for a case, then you can see how long a product can last but when you and everyone else is looking for the cheapest, then what do you expect? You guys should study economics.
a) China is a new player in the high-end electronics scene. When everything came from Taiwan, prices were equally competitive.
b) If you cater to the low end, you might get some short-term profits, but you will lose in the long term. Now that the low-end market has been fatigued, the Chinese ought not to come crying back about how we should buy their inferior products because of some sense of obligation to them.

If you want to pay a little extra to that private AliExpress salesman so that he can put a little extra feral dog meat in his family's kimchi bowl tonight, fine, go ahead. But paying Chinese corporations hundreds of dollars for products that fail after a year is plain stupid.
...Their plight, in fact is even worse, they don't realize that they're cantonists, they think they're free men. What a slavery that is - to confuse slavery for light, and bitter darkness for bright light.
-Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn
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