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Default Re: No luck lately (EPoX 8RTA3)

another board with those "monster caps" (12,5mm dia)

MSI K7T Pro Ver.1 (MS-6330 Lite ; cheap ass crippled OEM board for Compaq Presario PCs.. the original AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1,1GHz was still on it when i got it)

nice little size comparison...

BTW: total of 4 of those 4700F (!) caps... + 3x Teapo 3900F 10V with 12,5mm diameter.. WTF

replaced the 3900F 10V Teapos (those were leaking onto the board a bit) with 3300F 6,3V Panasonic FJ.

replaced all other caps (partly "exploded" Chhsi 2700F 6,3V at the AGP slot) with the KZGs (see pic) and all other small caps (6,3V 1000F Chhsi) with OSTs with the same values..

board is working fine since 1 year in my mums PC
took a photo because i'm cleaning it up right now... her PC acts like a vacuum cleaner somehow

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