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Default Re: RAID5 failure: 2 bad HDD's at the same time

Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
No, RAID1 is not backup, not any more RAID3, RAID5, or even RAID6.

An off disk backup will protect you from rm -rf / . RAID of any level will not protect you.
ANY "backup" protects you (there's a reason tape is still used!).

And, the example suggests the user may have CARELESSLY typed "rm -rf". Had he intentionally (or unintentionally/carelessly) done any number of OTHER things he could still lose data.

Change one line of code in a program -- then, try to remember WHICH line it was and what the original version happened to be!

Crop that photo of your kid's birthday party -- and then try to recreate the imagery that was lost!

Boost the gain in an audio file (so parts peak above 0dB) and then try to recover the original signal. Or, attenuate it and try to re-boost it, later, without dragging the noise floor up in the process.

RAID (except 0) gives you availability -- it makes the data stored more accessible in a variety of adverse conditions. Just like ECC helps make RAM data available in adverse conditions.
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