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Default Re: RAID5 failure: 2 bad HDD's at the same time

No, RAID1 is not backup, not any more RAID3, RAID5, or even RAID6.

An off disk backup will protect you from rm -rf / . RAID of any level will not protect you.

There is something to be said with versioning filesystems as a type of backup. Coupled onto some sort of redundant RAID (i.e., not RAID0), this however does classify as a weak backup system. Still does not protect you from metadata loss of the versioning filesystem.

I've been contemplating a versioning filesystem, but still will need to snapshot them to another disk set. Currently I only snapshot my RAID5 to another RAID (RAID1, incidentally) -- up until the capacity of the RAID1 gets exceeded...then it's time for a new disk...or a file purge...

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