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Default Re: RAID5 failure: 2 bad HDD's at the same time

Originally Posted by Curious.George View Post
RAID is good for enhancing throughput (RAID0) or enhancing availability -- sort of like ECC RAM enhances the availability of data stored in "memory" (but, you wouldn't RELY on ECC RAM for long term storage/backup).
Well, it also, in theory, should help against one drive failures.
The Problem is that if one drive fails, another one shortly follows...

And you have to know the advantages and disadvantages of RAID and the RAID Levels. And that if you have a 4 Drive RAID5 with 4 drives of the same type, the wear might be similar on all of them, so they might fail in short succession.

But RAID is _NEVER_ a backup. And must not be seen as such...
Well, RAID1 maybe, kinda...
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