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Default Re: RAID5 failure: 2 bad HDD's at the same time

Originally Posted by CapLeaker View Post
I am building a new RAID now. Coping files like stupid! Well I am not sure if Iam going to play with the old RAID drives, since they are still in warranty and I like to get them replaced if I can. I didn't go for a new NAS. I just went for new HDD's. Maybe I look for a new NAS later in the fall.
You might want to consider setting up the drives as JBOD and using some number of them "offline" to hold backups.

RAID is good for enhancing throughput (RAID0) or enhancing availability -- sort of like ECC RAM enhances the availability of data stored in "memory" (but, you wouldn't RELY on ECC RAM for long term storage/backup).

If you can tolerate the NAS (as JBOD) throwing an error from time to time and using that to prompt you to drag out the "backup", this may be a more effective use of the platters. Your AVAILABILITY goes down (cuz the data wasn't reliably present when you wanted it) but your DURABILITY goes up (cuz the data wasn't lost!).

I'd still advocate playing with some of the recovery tools just to see if you'll have a fallback "out" in the future... (some vendors just roll a Linux distro into their appliances; others reinvent the wheel -- or, deliberately obfuscate some standard implementation just to tie you more closely to them)
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