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Default Re: Your Best Dumpster Finds

Probably a fuckton of server equipment. These people were throwing out an entire hosting company. Of course, all the servers were old, so I only kept one IBM server and all the rest of the firewall/NAS/switch stuff went to scrap (couldn't be sold). Even throwing out the rack mount. I kept about 3 tiny HP desktops they were throwing out as well. Later on, they asked for our phone number because they had more, and when they called us, they had 3 matching monitors for the desktops, and a few laptops. Back in 2012, some dude down the street threw out a ton of desktops, monitors, VCRs, and printers. I took some of the desktops, but what was special to me is the Toshiba TIMM monitor... a 20" CRT TV with VGA, tuner, composite in and GREAT BOOMING SOUND! I still own it to this day. Now, next is not really a curb find, but it was free. One of my dad's facebook friends was giving away their late 2013 iMac. They said it got slow, then would not work at all, they're sick of it and already bought a new one. My dad went and got it (90 people replied to it saying YEAH I WANT IT!) and brought it home for me! Came with the keyboard, mouse, and power cord. Reinstalled High Sierra on it, and voila, new computer. It is now my main computer, and I am actually typing this on it!
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