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Default Re: Your Best Dumpster Finds

Originally Posted by retiredcaps View Post
No need to dumpster dive. Old tube CRT TVs are regularly given away free on my local kijiji. Even what used to be high end Sony Wegas are given away for free.
Similar around here. A few years ago PA banned disposal of electronics in regular garbage (and if you try putting it out on the curb the garbage men won't pick it up), but left it up to the individual counties to set up e-waste collection rather than setting up a statewide program. In some counties it is "free" (obviously paid for by taxes or fees on new electronics, but no charge for disposal) for residents, but in the county I live in (and several others) they charge $0.50/lb. for disposal so as a result people would rather give something away than pay to dispose of it (especially heavy things like large CRTs and projection sets). Of course there has also been a massive rise in illegal dumping as a result to the point that you'll find old TVs and other e-waste in just about any wooded/secluded area (of course the law was passed for "environmental reasons", yah that worked out real well, now instead of going to the landfill e-waste is piling up in the woods and on the roadsides).

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