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Default Re: Hp lw1965

Hmmm. I have seen those marks before, but never paid much attention to them.

It is possible that the solder blob was done at the factory to correct for some issue or "fine tune" something. But it's also possible that someone played with the monitor when they didn't know what they were doing.

You'd have to track what that CPx point goes to and try to figure out why it was bridged. The one you show in your picture appear to be close to what seems like the CCFL inverter controller. It could be that this point disables any protections when it's bridged. Or it could be something else. Best way is to find the datasheet for the controller and look inside its Application schematic, then compare to the circuit in your monitor, then try to figure out what those points do. It's a bit involved, but that's the best you can do without a full circuit schematic of the monitor (and often, you won't find one).
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