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Default Re: Xbox 360 Xenon Motherboard Capacitor Replacements?

Originally Posted by vinceroger69 View Post
which heat sink compound? i have artic siver five or Arctic Silver Ceramique Thermal Compound im not sure which ones the best?
AS 5 is probably the best. Ceramique is okay too.

Originally Posted by vinceroger69 View Post
also as i have a spare top cover ive saw a youtube video and also reece mentioned it about cutting a square in the top plastic and mount a fan on blowing onto the gpu whats your thoughts?
Yes, that is actually the other thing I was thinking about suggesting. In general, though, that mod is most effective with the rev. 2 GPU heatsink (like yours), because the fan will blow cool air right onto that little extension of the GPU heatsink. So yes, I do recommend it.
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